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Burn taste from an LR atomizer

Solution If your getting a burning taste, the juice is burning, it is pretty much that simple. The reasons why juice would burn are not so simple. The two most common reasons you would get a burning taste, a coil heating up unevenly or a dry coil. A coil can heat up unevenly if there is build up on the coil, this concentrates excessive heat to only a portion of the coil and no matter how much juice is in there is will burn it, even if its flooded. This can usually be solved by cleaning the atomizer, a good cleaning procedure will extend the life of the atomizer significantly. How often you need to clean depends on how much you use it,how hard you use it, and what type of liquid you use.

A dry coil doesn't necessary mean the atomizer is dry, you could have a flooded atomizer and no juice getting to the coil because of a clogged atomizer. Thick juices, High VG content, Dark juices, and juices with high sugar content are going to create build up on the coil and also create a clogging effect in the wicking material. If the wicking material gets clogged it will not wick properly and there is a good chance it will start leaking. The wick wont have the ability to hold as much juice as when it was new, when 3-4 drops was the perfect amount, now it may seem that 3-4 drops creates leakage. When the wicking material cant wick, it also means it cant filter the liquid fast enough to coil, it will be restricted. If an atomizer stops performing, starts leaking, or most importantly starts burning, it would be a good time to stop using it before the wicking material inside the coil gets charred or the coil completely pops. Remember, if the atomizer is burning the juice and you continue to use it, you will be vaporizing burnt juice, the flavor or taste will not improve at this point unless it is cleaned.

You should remove your atomizer and blow it out from the connector end at least once a day, this will remove some residue and remove any burnt juice that has accumulated in your atomizer
Clean your atomizer, do not use water, vodka (alcohol) is the best thing to us. Soak it in vodka for a few hours, this will break any coagulated liquid in the wicking material and also help break up any carbon build up on the coil.
If none of this works for you, try and put the same atomizer on a different battery or a battery that is not fully charged. This is just a test to see if by lowering the voltage a little bit you still are getting a burning taste. I would try this only after you have blown out and cleaned and re-juiced your atomizer.

There is a learning curve to LR atomizers. No one procedure will work across the board, everyone vapes differently. LR atomizers are designed for shorter harder pulls and need to be kept wet to the point of almost flooded. They require a good amount of air to pass across the coil, If your vaping style is more of a softer, longer drag, a higher resistance atomizer ( 1.8-2.0) would fair much better.
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