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AW IMR 18650 is NOT a 10C cell.


I just spoke with a representative over at Holocron Labs (maker of the ShortStop fuse)and was told that the AW IMR 18650 2000mAh battery I have enroute from another vendor is actually a 8C rated battery. I had used your website as a reference on cell specifications.

The only AW IMR 18650 cell in 10C rating is the 1600mAh.

Wish I had known this prior to making the order as I only bought it because I was going to use it for sub-ohm coil setups and testing, not regular vaping.

I only send this message in hope that be changed in case any other vapers order a 2000mAh AW IMR 18650 for the use of extreme coil setups that need extra protection.



Hi Ray,

Our specs are directly from AW, I tend to hold some weight to AW's accuracy of their specs, if it is incorrect based on AW's comments we would edit the page. I do not know what Holocron rep told you this information is incorrect. Even if he was correct and the correct C rating was 8C the 2000mAh this would put both of these model batteries at the same 16amp drain, way above what would ever be needed in a sub 1ohm coil. You sacrifice capacity for higher C rate, the 2000mAh would be the better choice, even with a sub 1ohm setup

8C x 2000mAh = 16Amps < better capacity curve
10C x 1600mAh = 16Amps < sacrifice capacity for higher c rate

Best regards


Best Regards, Jessica

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