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Atomizer Maintenance


This procedure applies to any type of atomizer including our Cisco Spec and 357 line. Please be aware if your atomizer is NOT bridgeless it is not possible to view the condition of the coil and dry burning would carry a higher risk of popping the coil.

Drip ethanol (vodka) through the drip tip side until it runs out the air holes clean. Do not use water as this will take much longer to air dry This is all you would need to do to keep the atomzier clean or flush out old liquid. After a flush or soak you would blow out excess vodka and allow to air dry for 15 mins or so. Because these are bridgeless it is easy to look down the tube and view the condition of the coil. If the coil appears to be developing Carbon build up from your liquid you would need to soak it in vodka for a while to try and break up the carbon. If a soak does not remove the carbon you will need to use a soft probe to lightly brush the coil to break up any carbon, then flush the atomizer out again with vodka.

Low voltage dry burning will help disconnect the carbon from the coil if it gets heavy or is not removable by soaking. Once the carbon is disconnected you can flush with vodka. Please do not let the coil glow orange when dry burning, pump the power button until you see the coil just start to glow and then release. We normally will not recommend dry burning as this carries the risk of popping the coil and would not be warranted or replaceable. Unfortunately if the carbon build up becomes heavy, dry burning is the only option to remove it.

Once flushed and cleaned of any carbon build up the atomzier should function as new after repeating a short break in period. Make sure there is no excess vodka in the atomizer before reloading, the vodka will dilute the e-liquid and not perform very well.

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